Meet Seattle City of Literature

Seattle City of Literature

***On Oct. 12, the Trump administration decided to withdraw from UNESCO. Seattle City of Literature extends its unwavering support for a global organization that brings people around the world together for love of culture and the arts. We remain committed to the ideals of free expression and peace between nations, today more than ever. We will continue the important work of making our city a haven for the literary arts, for local and international writers and audiences alike.***

Launched in 2013, Seattle City of Literature fosters public and private literary partnerships in the city and abroad to promote a robust creative economy.

Our current efforts are focused on organizing the local community, developing plans to support an international writers exchange, and taking the first steps to study the impact of the literary arts on the local economy. We are also preparing a proposal for the next call for Creative Cities by UNESCO.

Established in 2004, UNESCO's Creative Cities Network "fosters international cooperation between cities committed to investing in creativity as a driver for sustainable urban development, social inclusion and enhanced influence of culture in the world." The network covers seven thematic areas: Craft and Folk Arts, Design, Film, Gastronomy, Media Arts, Music, and Literature.

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